Travel Must-Haves

As a mom who travels a lot I thought I would put together my must have list for traveling. Obviously, there are a lot more than this but these are some of my favorites.


  1. Good pair of flats. I try to take a good pair of cute, comfortable flat shoes with me every time we travel (unless we are going to Norway in the winter). Flats are easy to pack, comfortable to wear while walking around a city, yet stylish enough you can either dress them up or down depending on the situation. I LOVE these flats from Pretty Ballerinas my husband just brought me from Spain. My other favorites are Sperry flats or my all time favorite Tods driving shoes
  2. Scarf. Bring a scarf! I always wear a scarf on the plane. They are great for keeping warm, keeping your kid warm, building small tents on the plane, and if necessary and in times of desperation use them to wipe up spills (I usually don’t travel with an expensive scarf in the event the latter happens). The uses for scarves are limitless. I usually bring 1-2 scarves with me and always wear one on the plane. Scarves also can help dress up an outfit. 
  3. Sonnet James dress. If you don’t own a Sonnet James dress, go buy one! They are so comfortable and perfect for travel. I love them because you feel dressed up in them but you can still run around with your kids. These are the best dresses for traveling! I love them.
  4. M&M’s. I am a firm believer that you need to have some travel tricks up your sleeve and M&M’s are my travel secret. We never travel without them. There will be moments  traveling with kids that you will need to bribe them to stay seated or be good and M&M’s are perfect. They are small so you can give them out one at a time and kids won’t be on a crazy sugar high. They are also useful in learning colors and using as bingo game pieces. I swear by M&M’s! 
  5. A good bag. Whether you are traveling with babies or older kids, get a good bag. This bag from Stork Sack is what I use and I love it. It’s a great diaper bag for me and my kids. Find a good bag that YOU love and that fits your personality and use it! 
  6. Gu packet. Ok, this is one thing I don’t tell many people about because they think I'm nuts. But I usually travel with at least one gu packet. Why? Because there may be a moment while traveling when you haven’t slept for 24 hours and your on a flight and the only way your baby won’t scream is if you walk around holding her (happened to me) and you NEED quick energy. That’s when you pound your gu! I have only had to do this once but it worked! I know gu was made for endurance sports and it's not the healthiest option, but lets be honest. Sometimes international travel with kids is an endurance sport!

I would love to hear from other traveling mama's as to what you take when you travel. 

Kady Lieber1 Comment