Foreign Travel with Kids

Foreign travel with kids can seem a bit scary but its actually very fun! Kids are amazingly resilient and see adventure in everything, so actually they are perfect travel companions when in foreign lands. This week we will cover the ins and outs of traveling with kids in foreign countries. Our first topic: FOOD!

Yikes, food and kids is usually a tough gig. You never know what they are going to love or hate. I have a picky eater yet we seem to do just fine when traveling to foreign countries. Here are a few tips to help your kids eat better in foreign countries. 

1. Bring snacks from home. We usually bring a few small things from home (mostly chocolate) for Tay to eat during the trip..or at least for the first few days until she gets used to the local food. It helps comfort her being in a new place and keeps them happy if you have long flights.  

2. Have a go to plan. When Tay absolutely won't eat, we can always find an italian restaurant or pizza parlor that she will eat at. Know what your kid LOVES to eat and go with that. Yes, you may have to give up your fine dining one evening and go to Mc Donalds but at least your kids will be happy.

3. Find a grocery store. Where ever you are, find a grocery store (if possible) and go there first thing to stock up on treats, drinks and snacks your child likes. This way you are never without something they will eat. And if they get hungry in the hotel room in the middle of the night you have something on hand.  

4. Let your child explore the food. I am a believer that if your child wants to try the food, let them. Of course I wouldn't recommend street food in developing countries for kids (unless they've had it before) but I do recommend encouraging your kids to try out new foods. But don't force it. Just have it there, if they want to try it great, If not, no worries. 

5. Hotels are great sources for food. Especially if you find a hotel chain that is based in your home country. If you are German, try to find a german hotel chain to eat there for a night or two. If your American, find an American hotel chain...... you get my point. Hotel chains from your country will usually have something your child is familiar with and will eat.

6. Just ask.  It never hurts to ask a restaurant if they can make something special for your child. My daughter LOVES cucumbers. So, sometimes we just ask if they can make a simple cucumber salad for her. It works every time! 

7. Bring formula for your baby. If you have a baby bring formula for him/her. This may seem like a lot but changing babies formula can be tricky so it's best if you bring your own formula. Unless you breastfeed and then you don't need to worry. 

8. Don't stress. Don't worry if you child isn't getting all food groups, or if they are just not eating. Kids, especially when they have jet lag will eat at different times or not at all for a day or so. Give them time to adjust but don't stress about it. Usually when I am stressed about my kids eating they eat very little, but when I don't stress they do great. 

9. Keep an open mind. Try not to give out too many opinions as to what your kids should have or not have to eat. If they eat something you absolutely hate, that's okay, as long as they are eating!

Traveling with kids is amazing. You will actually be surprised how much food they will try  if you just let them. 

xo Tava

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