We just got back from an amazing trip to Kenya. We visited the Samburu national reserve and it was everything we imagined and more! 

We arrived in Nairobi in the evening and left for Samburu the next morning. The airplane was bit scary for Taylar and hurt her ears (which was a first) but we made it! We landed on a dirt airstrip and were greeted by Samburu Warriors and the staff at the Saruni resort. We were all assigned a local Samburu guide who then drove us to the resort, and drove us on all of our game drives.  The Saruni resort was very child friendly. They asked what Taylar wanted for each meal and specially prepared food for her. The entire staff was unbelievably helpful and couldn't have been more kind. 

We stayed in the tent camp which at first was a daunting thought but by the end of the trip was really fun! We loved hearing all the animal noises at night and watching the bats fly around from our tent door. Since we were in the tents we were lucky enough to see and learn about all the animals that had roamed through our camp during the night and follow their tracks, which is something Taylar LOVED!

The game drives were amazing! We saw lions, cheetas, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and many more animals. Our Samburu guides were fantastic and were able to answer just about any crazy question we threw at them. We had at least 1 to 2 game drives per day and each was special and different in its own way. I think the highlight was seeing a freshly born (blood still on the baby) baby elephant trying to learn to walk on its own. It was absolutely one of the best travel moments of my life! The highlight for Taylar was when the monkey stole pancakes from our picnic breakfast. ;)

We also had the opportunity to visit a local village and watch their wedding ceremony. The local people were so loving and kind. I highly recommend a visit to a local village for anyone who is on safari as it shows you really how the local people live. They are truly remarkable people. 

I am a firm believer that travel can change a person and our experience in the Samburu really changed us. It has opened up a whole new world that we want to explore more. We will definitely be coming back! 

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