Salt Lake City

We recently took a trip to Salt Lake City and it was amazing! Salt lake in the 
winter is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. Although we do live in the alps, wewould ski in Utah any day! Why you ask? Because of the snow! The Utah/Colorado area 
has the greatest snow on earth! Don't believe me? Come ski it for yourself. Utahns 
are total snow snobs! If it's the least bit icy or slushy, they go home. How do I 
know this? Because I'm a utahn. We love our light, fluffy powder or pristine groomersand nothing else. But skiing isn't the only thing Utah and Salt Lake City have to 
offer in the winter. With countless children's museums, a fantastic zoo and aquarium it's a Mecca for traveling kids. 
The other amazing advantage to Salt Lake is The Wasatch mountains are on your 
doorstep just waiting to be explored. With lots of hiking and biking trails, there issure to be something for everyone! Not to mention salt lake is very kid friendly! 
Meaning you don't have to look far for a changing table or kids menus. The people of salt lake are friendly, helpful and take great pride in their city as well so we are sure you will love visiting SLC!