Why you should take your kids to Italy


People always ask me, where is the best place to take kids? My answer every time is, ITALY!  When people think of Italy I don't think they immediately think it's an awesome place to take kids, but I'm here to change your mind. Here are just a few of the reasons Italy is amazing with kids.

Kid friendly. I have found Italians to be extremely sweet to me and my girls, especially when I am traveling alone with them. It seems there is always someone saying something sweet to them, helping me with the stroller or just plain being nice. Italians are just plain lovely people.

Gelato! Yes, gelato. Gelato is everywhere in Italy. It tastes wonderful and your kids will love it. It's the perfect snack after a day of touring and an awesome way to cool off during hot Italian summers. I am not beyond bribes when traveling and gelato is the idea bribe when my kids are acting up. Gelato! It's reason enough to go to Italy. 

History. I don't need to convince you Italy is full of history. Everywhere you walk is a history lesson. Everything you see is a history lesson. Not to mention the art history aspect! Italy is one of the most educational places I have been. And that is reason enough to take your kids there. 

Food. Kids are usually picky eaters (at least mine are). And sometimes traveling internationally is scary because you aren't sure what your kids will eat. The food in Italy is so kid friendly you will be sure to find something that your little ones will eat. If my kids will eat there, I am sure your kids will too.