Why you should go to Switzerland, now!

We just launched our Switzerland travel cards in the shop. In light of our launch, I thought I would give you a few reasons to visit Switzerland. As if you needed any, right?

It’s beautiful! Everywhere you look in Switzerland it’s like a postcard. Really! Even the “ugliest” cities are incredibly beautiful. It truly is gods country.

Language. The people in Switzerland speak at least two, if not three or four different languages. And don’t let their modesty fool you. If they say they speak “a little” English that means they are completely fluent and probably speak English better than you.


The trails (wanderweg) We all know the outdoor spaces in Switzerland are gorgeous. But did you know you can follow the yellow Wanderweg signs and basically walk across the whole country? Switzerland has the most amazing system of marked trails that lead basically everywhere. 

Public transportation. Swiss public transportation is like a well oiled machine. It literally has the ability to take you anywhere in the country and is always on time. So make sure you aren't late because Swiss trains wait for no one. 

Cheese and chocolate. It’s no secret Swiss cheese and chocolate are the best in the world. Why not come to the land of cheese and chocolate and visit a chocolate factory where there are endless chocolate samples. Or go to Guryer and visit the cheese factory and delight in a fondu lunch? Cheese and chocolate. Need I say more?


Clean. Switzerland is clean which means you will find clean bathrooms, streets, hotels, trains, busses and everything else. Even their dirt roads are clean! 

Switzerland is a little gem in the heart of Europe that will forever have a place in my heart. I love this country and can't wait to go back!