Up and Away Passport Holder

Every week I want to feature a travel product that has helped us make travel easier. These are not sponsored posts. These are 100% my recommendations to make traveling easier. 

This is one of my favorite travel products. My daughters have dual citizenship, so when I travel with them we have 5 passports between the 3 of us. I love Up and Away passport holder because it holds 5 passports! Since I got this wallet I haven't lost track of a passport! And that's a huge deal for me. They also come in bright colors so they are easy to spot in your bag. These passport wallets are also special to me because while I was in the hospital with Ava I bought myself one of these to remind me that life will get back to normal and we will travel again. So of course I was so happy to use it once we actually were out of the hospital. If you're traveling with kids you need one of these. It makes keeping track of passports so much easier. I never travel without mine.