Find the amazing

It has been one year since we found out that our little Ava had a brain tumor. Fall 2015 was going to be one of our biggest travel seasons yet, but that all came to a screeching halt. Life is what happens after you make plans, right? Our last real trip was in July 2015 when we went to Paris so we are anxious to get out and explore again. 

Our families cancer experience has really given me an appreciation for the "stay cation". I think too many times we overlook the places we live because we live there and it doesn't seem exciting to us anymore. One of my very favorite quotes by Louis CK is: "Everything is amazing and nobody's  happy". If there is one thing I have had to realized spending 150 overnight days in a hospital last year it is that everything is in fact amazing, we just need to see the amazing in everything. Finding the amazing is something that you have to practice and work at. It's not easy, especially when you are looking for amazing in a hospital room. For most it doesn't come naturally, but if you are able to find at least one amazing thing about your day each day, it makes all the difference in the world. 

Ava is in her final stages of recovery from chemo and we are hoping for no relapses. As we begin to start planning our next travel adventures I can't help but look back over the last year and think that they were some of the hardest and best adventures we have been on. And to that, I will forever be grateful.