Loki Running Pin

Loki Running Pin


“You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming?”

Loki Running Pin to remind us that even in the hardest of times we can find love, light and laughter.

To read Ava and Loki’s story click here

Let's fight childhood cancer together by remembering and spreading awareness of this #1 killer of children.

100% of all profits go directly to a cancer kid in need of a service dog.

Why enamel pins? While Ava was in the hospital she received a bead every time she had to do something "hard" such as: finger prick, surgery, chemo, injection etc.... She has several strands of beads measuring 1 meter long for all the "hard" stuff she had to go through. We wanted to somehow re-create this concept but in a positive way with enamel pins and represent all the good things that came from her cancer and spread awareness of this horrible disease.

*If you look close enough you can see Loki’s half blue eye!

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