Moterra Luxury Camper Van

Camping with kids has always scared me a bit. I loved the idea of camping with my kids because I grew up camping with my family but with Ava's health issues I have been a bit reluctant to go camping. We also don't own everything required for a successful camping trip so that also made it a difficult for us to actually go camping. Then I found Moterra and thought we would take the plunge and try to camp with the girls and I am so happy I did!

One issue most people have with camping is that they don't have everything they need to camp such as, tent, sleeping bags, stove, cooler, etc... Another issue is the initial investment in camping supplies can get very pricey or people don't want to invest in camping supplies because they aren't sure they want to go camping all the time. The guys at Moterra have thought of every detail when it comes to camping comfortably and being prepared even if you aren't.  When you rent their van all you have to bring are your clothes and they take care of the rest. 

The Van is incredible. The attention to detail and use of space made my designer heart skip a beat because not only is it a completely functional van, it looks good too! 

The kitchen area has a cooktop for cooking basic meals, as well as a sink with running water and countertop for easy food prep. There is mini fridge and freezer that surprisingly held a ton of food which kept all our food cold.  The kitchen is  also equipped withplates, eating utensils, smore sticks, cooking utensils, dish towels, hot pads, pots, pans, cups and mugs so you have everything you need to make food on the road easily. 

I am a terrible sleeper so I thought sleeping in the van would be a challenge but I actually slept amazing which is not normal for me. It has 2 double beds that sleep 4 people comfortably along with sleeping bags and comfortable pillows so we didn't need to bring any bedding.  They also provided us with a tent since we had 5 people on our trip. We did bring the girls blankets and stuffed animals but those are items we always travel with.

There are quick drying towels on board so we didn't need to pack bulky towels, along with lights and charging stations around the van for easy electronic charging.  We had a few days when it was quite hot so we used the conditioner for the extra hot days and at it was quite cold so we did turn on the heater a few times for the girls to warm up. I think the feature the girls loved the most was the stereo. Every night we had late night dance parties.  

Matt did all the driving and said the van was extremely easy to drive. It's not like a huge motorhome which was great because sometimes parking was difficult to find and the van could either fit intomotorhome parkingor a regular parking spot. It also had backup cameras so we didn't run into anything. 

On top of their awesome van, Moterra also creates personalized itineraries for guests. This was a real game changer for us because we wanted to hit all the highlights of Yellowstone and the Tetons but felt it was a little overwhelming since both parks are so big. We let them know a bit about us and our travel style and let them work out the perfect route for our family. It ended up being just right. We know traveling with our kids takes extra time and they aren't die hard hikers and the guys took this into consideration. Our itinerary included campsite and activity reservations along with places we should stop and things we should do. Everything was pre-booked so we didn't have to worry about anything! They also booked us a room at a hotel half way through our trip because they thought maybe we would want a good shower and a bed for the girls which actually turned out perfect for us.

This trip has changed my view of camping with kids. I'm no longer afraid of it and will be doing it a lot more often. This was such a memorable trip for us and it's all because Moterra provided such an amazing van to make our trip easier. One of our favorite parts of the trip was our last night when the guys from Moterra  met up with us the last evening and made us an incredible dutch oven dinner that I will never forget. This is what I love about traveling, meeting people who are fun and interesting in the most beautiful places. We will never forget our time in Wyoming and hope to go back sooner than later.