Park City Utah

A few weeks ago we spent a week in Park City Utah and absolutely loved it! It completely went along with our summer idea of teaching our girls more about the American West.  Though we didn't travel far we really felt like we were on a true vacation and completely enjoyed each minute.

Luna Lobos Summer Dog Sledding Camp

The main reason we stayed in Park City was because Taylar was attending the Luna Lobos Dog Sledding Camp and the drive back and forth from our house was a bit too far so we decided to make a full vacation out of the week. The camp with held Monday thru Friday from 8-1 and I can't say enough good things about it. The day the kids arrive they get to choose a dog "buddy" that is their buddy for the entire week. From then they do various activities with the dogs and the other kids. It's a full outdoor adventure camp where you kids come back exhausted, dirty and with a huge smile on their face! Tay is begging me to go back! One of the best things about this camp was that we were also able to board our dog Moosie at Luna Lobos while Tay was there. So we actually had two "kids" at camp. ;) 

Hotel Park City

We spent a lot of time searching for the perfect hotel in Park City and finally came across Hotel Park City. We wanted a hotel that had a kitchen and in room laundry services since we knew we needed to make lunches for Tay each day and she was going to be coming home from camp dirty. But we also wanted a hotel that had room service and other "hotel" amenities. This hotel turned out to be the perfect fit for us! There are several different room options and we actually went with one of their cottages and were not disappointed. The scenery was gorgeous, the pool was perfect for the girls in the afternoon and the hot tub on our balcony was an added bonus after a long day in the mountains. We really loved this hotel and would go back in a second. 


If you love the outdoors you will love Park City. There is so much to do! 

Park City Resort offers a whole area of fun activities such as an alpine slide, alpine roller coaster, mini golf, zip line, ropes courses just to name a few. You can get a day pass or an individual pass and it's perfect for even small kids. If you aren't in to adventure you can simply get a lift pass and ride the lift up the mountain and go hiking. We spent half a day at Park City Resort and easily could have spent more time.

Mountain Biking is another fun activity for kids and the Park City area is full of fun mountain bike trails for all levels. Trailside bike park is such a fun place to start kids out in the sport of mountain biking. We took Tay there and she was hooked! There are many different types of trails starting at beginner and going all the way up to advanced so everyone is sure to have a good time. 

Olympic Park is another great place to take kids for the day. I will be honest, this place was a bit much for Tay, but  our nieces and nephews loved it. So if you have a kid that isn't afraid of heights, then they will really love this place! They have lots of fun ropes courses for kids that are smaller and easy, Tay just has an extreme fear of heights so she didn't love it. But overall an awesome place to take kids! They also have zip lines, tubing down the olympic jumps, adult ropes courses etc... Such a fun place for families to visit for the day. 

Overall we loved our "staycation" in Park City. It really is  a dream for the outdoor enthusiast and such a great place to beat the valley heat in mountains where it's cooler and the air is cleaner.