Adventure and donuts

There are many Instagram accounts that we hold dear to our heart because they helped us get through some of our hardest moments in the hospital with Ava. One of them is @loki_the_wolf_dog.  Loki looks very similar to our dog Moosie and Ava adores her Moosie boy. So when things got rough in the hospital all we had to do is show Ava Loki's videos and the world was right again. This week on our adventure series I asked Kelly Lund the person behind Loki the Wolf Dog to answer the question "what does adventure mean to you and why is it important". This is what he had to say. 

For some time now, I've worked on a challenge course. If you haven't heard of that, think - summer camp zip lines, climbing walls, and cargo nets hung up in trees. We work with groups of all ages and use the course as a tool for teambuilding and experiential education. We facilitate groups getting out of their comfort zone and into their "growth zone" or "challenge zone." For a mental picture of this learning model that we draw on the ground - think donut, the hole being your comfort zone and the donut being your growth zone, beyond the donut lies a freak out zone, or danger zone. Everyone's donuts are different sizes with different size holes when it comes to different things in life. When you step out of your comfort zone, it grows, and your challenge zone grows as well. When you fall beyond the donut, your comfort and challenge zone shrink (think traumatic events). This mental model is constantly in my head, and it's what I think about when I think about adventure. I think about living a life that is regularly getting me out of my comfort zone in order to grow my comfort zone and grow myself as a human. Plus, I love donuts.