What does adventure mean to you?

We are starting a new series here called "what does adventure mean to you"? Monday's are always a bit of a drag so thought talking about adventure it would be a perfect way to start to your day. Each week I will ask someone different to post what adventure means to them to inspire us to get out more and adventure with those we love. If you're interested in being a part of this please email me at kady@tavadventures.com. 

"Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure" -Bob Bitchin

If you asked me a couple years ago what adventure meant to me I would have said it is a daring, exciting trip to a place I've never been. But that was the old Kady. Adventure to me now is much different. Over the past year and a half I have had to find adventure in the darkest of places. In the halls of the children's hospital, in operating rooms, doctors offices, in physical, occupational and speech therapy appointments. All of the adventures I have been on this past year and a half I did not ask for. I did not plan. And quite frankly I never wanted to go on. And yet, I had to go on them. I quickly realized that I didn't have a choice as to what was happening but  I did have a choice whether this  adventure with Ava would be good or bad depending on me. I realized that it all depended on the attitude I had facing these new adventures.  I quickly learned that my  2 little girls were watching how I dealt this medical adventure and it would mold how they see it as well. The past year and a half has been, hands down, the hardest of my life. Yet, if you asked me if I would go back to who I was before this, I would say never! Of course I never wanted Ava to have cancer but I have learned more about adventure in the last years than I ever would have by travel alone. I also learned more from my girls than they ever could have learned from me. Ava and Tay have shown me more about making the best of any adventure/situation than anyone else. I will forever be grateful to my girls for showing me how to find light in the darkest of hours and adventure in the worst places.