Ski Utah

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If you are looking for a great ski holiday this winter look no further than Utah! I grew up in Utah so maybe my opinion is bias but Utah really does have the greatest snow on earth, and I lived in the Alps!  The first time I skied out of state it was icy and I asked my friend if we should just go home because in Utah you don't ski on ice.  Utahns are total snow snobs and for a good reason. Our powder is light and fluffy and our groomers are the perfect for letting it rip. Here is a quick guide to my 3 favorite resorts in Utah. 

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Hands down Snowbasin is my all time favorite resort. I know all the "secret" spots to find powder and I'm not telling you where those are. ;) Snowbasin is known as Utah's best kept secret, though now I am pretty sure everyone knows about it. There was a time when on a weekday you could have the whole resort to yourself, but now, a lot of people know just how amazing this resort is. Located near Ogden Utah, Snowbasin is easily accessible from Salt Lake City, has first class dining options and a mountain you could ski for days.  It's by far my favorite place to ski!


Snowbird is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon and is an awesome mountain to ski! With incredible lodging options, Snowbird is the perfect resort for out of town visitors. The mountain itself is pretty technical and doesn't have a ton of beginner hills but it shouldn't stop you from skiing at this amazing resort. I love Snowbird and don't ski there as often as I should.


I learned to ski at Brighton and love this resort. With their old school lodges still in tact Brighton is such a unique place to enjoy your favorite winter sport. Brighton is pretty famous with the snowboard crowd but that shouldn't stop skiers from coming here. There are so many fun trails on this mountain and incredible cliffs to jump off of, if you are into that. Brighton is located in Big Cottonwood canyon so it's near Salt Lake City, has some lodging options, and is definitely one of my favorite places to ski!

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