What's in my carry-on?

"What do you pack for yourself in your carry-on?" People ask me this question a lot so I thought I would just write a quick post about it so there is a go to place for all this info: 

I think this is a very interesting question and actually a VERY good one. As mom's we don't think about ourselves when packing carry-ons, we are just thinking about the kids and how to entertain them. But really, we need things for us too, right? So, here is a quick shot of what I usually pack when I travel with the girls. 



1. Freshly Picked Clutch: I love this clutch because not only does it keep my stuff organized but it can also act as a purse if I go out. It's one of my favorite travel items!

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2. Crystal Light with caffeine. I don't drink soda or coffee so Crystal Light with caffeine is a must when I travel! It's the perfect pick me up when I need it. You just pour it into a water bottle and your done. My favorite flavors are grape and citrus. 

3. Glasses and contacts. Because I have to be able to see.

4. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara I am obviously not a beauty blogger but this is always in my carryon so that if I need a refresh I can quickly run into the bathroom and apply. It's the best mascara because it curls your lashes and lengthens them at the same time! Boom! 

5.  Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask   This is brand new and it's AMAZING! It's so good for tired skin, especially when you travel! I use it as a moisturizer and I love it! Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this! If you travel, you need this!

6. Yur Buds for Women  These are literally the BEST headphones EVER! I love them so much! They aren't bluetooth but they are the best! I get headaches with big bulky headphones and these are awesome because not only do they have amazing sound but they stay in your ear so well. I use them on the airplane and running. LOVE THEM!!! 

7.  RMS Beauty Un-Coverup  This is a travel must for me! This foundation is light and perfect for travel. It's easy to pack and easy to apply, especially just as you get off a long flight to hide those dark circles under your eyes. I actually keep this in my purse too. Love this! 

8. Tooth brush, toothpaste, floss. There is nothing better than brushing your teeth after a long fight. That's why I always like to carry a small dental kit with me. It makes me feel so much better!

9. L'Occtaine Hand Cream  When I travel EVERYTHING gets so dry. That's why I love L'Occtaine hand cream. It comes in a variety of amazing scents and is small enough you can bring along 2 if you want! I love this hand cream. So do my girls. 

10. Aveda Cooling Oil  I started using this oil after my brain surgery to relieve tension in my neck and relax me. I love the way it smells and it really helps relieve some tension in my neck. It's also good when you have a cold or sinus pressure. 


11.  Fresh Dream Lip Treatment Finally, not shown in my photo is the Dream Lip Treatment from Fresh. My lips suffer when I travel. So badly! But this Fresh Lip Treatment is so hydrating. I love it! Honestly, I have about 10 of these laying around.