Traveling with kids who have an Illness

Traveling with kids is sometimes difficult but so worth the experience as a family. But add on a child who is sick or has special needs and it makes travel a bit more tricky. With that said, it's totally doable to travel with kids who need a little more attention. Here are a few ideas as to how to make the trip easier.

Contact your hotel: Talk to your hotel, tell them your situation and your child's needs and they will most likely help you however they can. We experienced this with many hotels since Ava has been sick. Every hotel we have stayed at has gone above and beyond to help us out. Contact the hotel! They will make your trip a lot easier you just need to be specific in what you need then ask for it. 

Inform the Airline staff: As soon as you get on the airplane inform the flight attendants of your child's condition. That way they can assist you with making the flight a bit easier. 

Be Patient: If you have a sick child you have to be prepared to go a little slower thannormal. You will probably have to take more breaks, not pack tons of activities into one day and go a bit slower in general but it's completely worth it to be out and about as a family. Just go slower and lower your expectations as to how much you get done in a day. I have also found this also helps you to enjoy the moment more. 

Be prepared: After Ava's chemotherapy we had to bring a lot of medication with us when we traveled. But that's okay. There's nothing wrong with bringing medication you need it. Ava was taking a few medications several times per day so we just make sure that if we were out and about we brought it with us so she didn't miss any doses. Brining medications is easy if you are prepared. 

Stay clean: Often times sick kids need clean environments. Make sure you take plenty of hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes and other supplies you need to stay clean. Also, inform your hotel that you need your room cleaned extra good. 

Don't be afraid: It's scary to take a sick kid traveling. But I promise you it's worth it because it will help you feel like a normal family again. If you're afraid to go too far away find a fun place close by to have a staycation. Your trip doesn't have to be around the world or someplace exotic to be fun.