Ava's fun run for childhood cancer

We want to thank everyone all over the world who ran for AVA on 28 May,  we have been overwhelmed with the love and support. 

We wanted to give you all an update with a few stats of who was running/biking for Ava

7 Countries:  Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA

24 Cities:  

Hamburg, Germany / Milan, Italy / La Roch Sur Yon, France / Frauenfeld, Switzerland / Manly, Australia / Deping Panda Reserve, China / Hangzhou, China / Fuyang, China / Austin, Texas, USA / Houston, Texas, USA / Wenatchee, Washington, USA / Boise, Idaho, USA / Phoenix, Arizona, USA / Homer, Alaska, USA / Ant Valley, UTAH, USA / Delta, UTAH, USA / Kaysville, Utah, USA / Cedar City, Utah, USA / Zion National Park, Utah, USA / Salt Lake City, Utah, USA / Bountiful, Utah, USA / Ogden, Utah, USA / Park City, Utah, USA / Farmington, Utah USA

We had the following number of participants who ran for AVA

203 people in the USA

35 people in China 

10 people in Australia 

14 people in Europe 

262 people total worldwide

A few highlights:

In Farmington, Utah, USA  110 people gathered a the local park and ran as a group to support AVA they totaled 426.5 kilometers running 

In Phoenix, Arizona, USA   41 people gathered together at their local park and ran as a group to support AVA they totaled 142.2 kilometers running 

We also had a few who decided to Bicycle for AVA,  a total of 539.7 kilometers were ridden by a few friends and family in UTAH.

1026.3 kilometers were run worldwide for AVA

539.7 kilometers were biked worldwide for AVA

32,216 USD is the grand total based on my limited math skills that will be going toward cancer research and to support families fighting pediatric cancer.

Thank you all so much and most importantly AVA is happy and everyday making little progress to be running herself in the near future.

much love,

Matt, Kady, Tay, Ava, Moosie


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