Airplane Style

I get a lot of questions about what we wear on long flights. Since I am about to jump on a plane I thought I would write a quick post about the clothes I will be wearing. I usually try to wear comfortable clothes but look put together, especially when I fly for more than 12 hours. Above are a few of my favorites. 

1. Comfortable T-shirt. Many airports are HOT! Even in the winter so I be sure to wear a T-shirt so I don't overheat. 2. A Wrap/Cardigan is essential when traveling. They are so versatile! I love the one above because it has pockets! 3. Jeggings. Need I say more? They are comfortable yet stylish. 4. Tods driving shoes are my favorite travel shoes. I could walk in them for days!

For the girls I make sure they are also wearing comfortable clothes. A cardigan is essential in the event of a cold flight. I always make sure the girls wear patterns or dark colors in the event of spills or stains. Also, they always wear shoes that they can take off and put on themselves in security. 

Kids clothes get dirty so I make sure the girls have something colorful or dark on to hide spills. Also, the brighter and more colorful the outfit the easier they are to spot in a crowd. 1. Leggings are perfect for kids to travel in. Comfortable and cute! 2. These Boden dresses are so perfect for travel. They are comfortable, easy to wash and adorable. 3. I always bring a cardigan for the girls in the event the plan is cold. 4. Comfy shoes are essential but it's also essential you kids can get their shoes on and off in a timely manner. 

You can click on the photos to shop these items. 


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