Athenaeum Hotel, London

We love London. It's like a home away from home for us. So when we go to London we love staying at the Athenaeum Hotel. This family run hotel is so family friendly they even have their own "Kids Concierge" to make sure your little ones have a fun time in London. They also have a team of nanny's that will take care of your kids if you want to go for a night out. It's also located in the wonderful Mayfair neighborhood so you are close to everything. 

We stayed here last Christmas and it was magical. I was a bit worried about how the girls would react to staying in a hotel for Christmas but it was perfect. They had an amazing playroom all set up for the kids to play in and watch movies, a huge selection of DVD's when we needed some down time and perfectly made food just for little ones. They even put a Christmas tree in our room. 

I would hands down recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to visit London, with or without kids.  It's one of my favorite!

Kady Lieber1 Comment