Albion Jetsetter Pants

I don't consider myself a fashion expert at all so when Albion came out with their jetsetter pants I was skeptical. I figured they would just be another "travel pant" that is comfortable but not cute. I went into their store a few months ago to try some and was hooked! These pants are the best!!! You can dress them up or down, they pack well, clean easy and  are super comfortable . But my favorite thing about these pants is that they are perfect for hot or cold weather. I wore them in Florida when it was 90 F degrees and didn't overheat and in Switzerland when it was 30 F degrees and didn't freeze. They also dry fast  which is awesome for the time when you kid spills water on you on the plane. Yes, that did happen. 

I honestly don't travel anywhere without these pants. I own all 3 colors and usually travel with at least 2 colors. I always fly with these pants because they are cute but comfortable.

If you're looking for a great pair of travel pants that really fit the bill, look no further than the Albion Jetsetter.

This post is not sponsored by Albion. Just sharing my favorite non sponsored travel tips.

*Photos courtesy of Albion