This week on travel product Tuesday I am featuring TwistShake bottles.  I love when I find new products to make traveling with kids and especially babies easier. So I was  really excited when I discovered Twistshake. 

We have a unique situation at our house because Ava is still on formula. Yes, I know she is almost 3 but when your baby has cancer and needs calories, you do whatever you need to keep your little one healthy. That's why I was so happy to find this bottle for our little warrior. They are made in Sweden but ship to the USA in 3 days. They also come in the cutest colors which make them easy to find in your diaper bag, not to mention Ava loves the bright colors and gets excited to drink out of them. These bottles are also so well designed and compact that packing them in a diaper bag or a carryon is a breeze. 

Probably my favorite thing about the Twistshake bottle is it's many different uses. They come with a container that fits inside the bottle so you can pre-measure your formula at home and make the bottle while you're on the go!  And once your kiddo grows up the container can also be used separately for snacks.  They also have different spouts so you can actually turn a bottle into a sippy cup once your kids start getting older. 

For moms with young babies, these are anti colic bottle so if you have a colic baby you need this bottle! Their unique TwistFlow system ensures an even flow and reduces colic. Which is a godsend if you have a colic baby! Believe me I know! Ava was colic and I would have given anything to have this when she was tiny.

Oh, I forgot to mention that they also make pacifies for babies. None of my kids take a pacifier but if they did I would use these because they are so cute!

So if you are looking for an easy to travel with bottle that is also so stinking cute you should give these a try. Use code  tavadventures20 to get 20% off your order.