Travel socks


One of my all time favorite items to travel with are Woven Pear socks. I know you're wondering why a pair of socks is one of my favorite travel items but here is why. I'm not a super organized traveler. I wish I was but I'm not. I tend to throw stuff in my bag and I'm always loosing socks. When you travel with all black socks or all white socks one seems to always make it way out of your bag and end up in the giant sock abyss. Well, the Woven Pear socks are so stinking cute and brightly colored that I have yet to loose one. They are also most likely not going to get lost in the hotel laundry either. 

Another reason I love them is because when we were in the hospital with Ava it was hard! And for some reason wearing nightly colored socks with funky patterns just made me feel better. So treat your feet to some fun and get some of these socks! You can also sign up for their sock box and get 3 new pairs of socks each month. I honestly look so forward to seeing what new socks I get each month. Yay for happy feet!  

Kady LieberComment